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Sherwood Marketing Co. designs, manufactures, imports and delivers custom private label products used for sales promotion programs.   For over 44 years, Sherwood Marketing has had the privilege of working with Fortune 500 companies and top brands.

Through our proven methods, we have been the selected supplier behind some of the largest sales promotions programs in history.  We have assisted our customers in driving millions of footsteps and swinging market share.

Our prices always impress our clients.  This is due to our structure and focus.  However, what really sets us apart from the crowd is the combination of price, quality and style we consistently deliver.  Everything we design and manufacture is “retail quality”, not borderline products often required to meet price points.  We produce the products your customers want… the stuff your audience will wear, use and enjoy time and time again

By investing your valuable marketing dollars into the actual product, not unnecessary steps in the distribution process, you’ll find the quality of your products and the success of your promtions skyrocket.  In addition, we work on much smaller margins than our competition.  We are big where we need to be, product development and design and small where others aren’t – overhead and costs.  Efficient, lean, ever evolving and ready to serve.

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